2021 is ending, some people have achieved the goals they have set for themselves, while others are still facing the same struggles they have been facing previously.

Time is not a measurement of progress. Progress is a measurement of progress, and progress is the measurement of the value and outcome of our own habits and acts.

Lesego Lazaren

Today growth and development are a challenging topic for me to engage in. Having started the year on a high disc, a clear vision and a clear execution plan, I was not able to hold onto this “plan” and vision I was certain about.

I saw myself returning to the same habits I set myself to outgrow and overcome.

Change does not end as a thought.

This year saw me come to the beginning over and over again. Returned to the beginning even with the belief I held that, through achieving certain things, I’d be at a finish line.

With every phase I lived, I got to experience myself anew. And learn myself all over again.

"One mountain top is the beginning of another"

I look back, and realise I fell in some loops I never knew existed. I have achieved some, and failed at some. And me? oh boy am I not a stranger to myself.

You never know yourself enough to not need introspection. Every phase of one’s life comes with new coping mechanisms, and new habits that may be as bad if one is not intentional with what they engage in. Every new phase of our lives, even when that phase is an achievement, comes with its own shadow.

Contentment does not mean settling. And it is important to note that, comfort, and "the comfort zone", are not one and the same thing.


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