Too much consumption of information without discernment

In this era we live in, information of all nature is easily accessible. TV, Radio, the internet: social media, search engines, our own blogs lol.
I believe this to be one of the main causes of a clutter. From within without

Source: ammesedam/Reddit

Take this room for instance, everything was thrown in here without orderly being put in its place. It appears, depression is the main cause.

Not everything we do is good for us, we do not agree with everything we see/hear.

Time to ponder, reflect and detox allow in not only clarity but rejuvenation and grounding

Where do you stand with all that is happening and what you have consumed by far? 

I see life as something like looking in a mirror. The quality of what’s reflected back at us only improves when the one that is looking does so. The world feels lighter when the one looking in the mirror lets go, the world feels less likw chaos when you are organized, all in that order.

It all starts with the work the source decided to do. Who is the source? The one looking in the mirror because we are all a manifestation of the greater source that keeps the whole universe in divine order, the one that turns a yummy meal into minerals that strengthen our body a little more.

Anyway back to information, the pile of the supressed experiences and information tend to become our stimuli. We are not grounded amd live as reactionists to what already is.

Another thing with cellphones is 🤔

Social media, just like tv and videogames, they trigger the release of dopamine. A neurotransmitter that plays a role in how we feel pleasure. Apparently the constant release of dopamine is responsible for addictions. Your own brain rewards you for getting lost in your phone.

  • Humans are social beings. Introverted, a loner? No man is an island. Social media fulfills our social conscience, the sense of belonging. Anti-social people have a community of anti-social people on “Facebook”. Their sense of belonging is fulfilled under the common guise that “society sucks.”
  • A sense of belonging which fulfills a sense of relevancy. Who wants to feel left out?

Anything can be a danger to us when we do not know how to use it. Water is life, water also drowns. It all begins with the source.

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