All lived experiences are necessary for the development of character

Life does not happen to you, it happens for you.

Tony Robbins

People’s individuality is their greatest assest should they learn to harness it purposefully and in a manner that strengthens them.

What makes character? 

The mental and moral qualities distinctive to an individual?

Here is what I believe to be what marks an individual different from others.

  • Character may come from the conscious decision of developing traits we want to embody
  • Developed from the lessons and experiences we are met with daily. Our response to them, or lack thereof. 
  • How we process these past and daily experiences. 
  • The inevitable human change. (Growth, evolution that is evident in all living things.) Because change is inevitable, I believe in failing to accommodate this change when we’ve failed to initiate it, we remain stagnant if not worse.

Life is life, and all it comes with is necessary for life to be complete. Being accommodating of all, accepting of all.

When life happens, how do you interpret it? How do you carry yourself? How do you perceive yourself and those around you? With understanding or with judgement? How do you engage with your surroundings?

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