Discipline as a form of self-love, growth and maintaining our psychological wellbeing

What is self discipline?

Self discipline is about obtaining obedience to your own authority. We are to follow a set of rules that regulate and control our own behavior. 
Here, you are the slave and the master.

Why do we need to be disciplined?

  • To get rid of old habits, and maintain the building of new ones. This heals behavioral patterns that may be reason we experience repeating cycles we no longer want to relive.

The chains of habit are too weak to be felt until they are too strong to be broken.

Samuel Johnson

“A nail is driven out by another nail; habit is overcome by habit.”

  • You are giving yourself the power to stick to your decisions, and follow them through without a change of mind. The pro is in gaining confidence, self esteem and being grounded.

It is easy to keep doing things the way one has always done them. Familiarity is a very comfortable home. But it shall always bring us results we are familiar with, which is totally fine if we are happy with the outcome of our doings and our current state.

How does one discipline themselves?

We need willpower. It takes very strong determination to carry on through doing something difficult.

Resilience, because we will fall back to our known reality. But as the saying goes:

“Fall down seven times, stand up 8”.

A Japanese proverb

– Write down clear goals, and a plan for their execution.

– Set a daily routine and be consistence with adopting and adapting to it. 

– Divide your day/week into compartments that fits all aspects of your life (goals, work, school, family friends, hobbies etc)

Emotion should not decide what needs your time and when, as it is unreliable because it changes when events change. It is difficult to commit to decisions made out of impulse


Letting go of old habits does not have to be a conscious decision, although we can focus our awareness on building what’s new, and what’s desired.

It is best we know the weaknesses we succumb to that hinder us from moving forward.

Introspection, reflection and holding ourselves accountable should be our daily food. Disrupt what you believe your identity to be for the individual you want to become.

The universe reflects at us the frequency we put out, it is true that things change when we change. 

Remember, where there’s will, there’s way.

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